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Working On A Sci-Fi Male/Male Romance

October 11, 2010

It’s called “A Place to Call Home,” and it is the story of a youth named Alec, a Sami-Lao cataloger, who becomes friends with a Kich’e Mayan called Rick. It’s set in a fictional future and I think it has the potential to be really fun for those interested. Here’s a teaser for those who are curious! And please, if you like it or have any thoughts about it, let me know! Concrit is always welcome!

It was a little easier for Alec after that, after Rick bluntly told him what he felt. He didn’t believe it, but he really wanted to, and the hope that it was true had lodged inside of him like a stunted, half-starved weed.

But still Rick would not push him, wouldn’t take away Alec’s choice about what they did together. He didn’t like being responsible for such a decision. He didn’t like having to admit to himself that he wanted it, and if Rick would just take it then he had something to hide behind, a way to make it not his fault, a way out.

“I think,” Rick said one evening, looking up from his book at Alec, who had just come slinking into the room on bare, silent feet. “I think I know, now.”


Alec drifted closer, twitchy and on edge. If he’d been on his own still he would’ve gone out and spent the evening picking up some likely partners, working off his energy. But he couldn’t do that, not since Rick had spent the night with Ace. For whatever reason, after what had happened that night, he simply couldn’t bring himself to go out catting around town anymore, not when he thought Rick might very well call up his old pal in his absence.

“What you need,” Rick said, placing a bookmark into his book and putting it aside. He stood, large and graceful, almost animalian in his quiet ferocity. He gazed at Alec with dark brown eyes that flared with hungry light, and Alec felt his gut tighten, felt fearful anticipation flood his senses. He’d grown comfortable with Rick’s handling of him, with the leisurely sessions where the man would bring him to euphoric bliss, but he instinctively knew that something had changed with that statement.

Rick was taking the bait.

Rick was going to make him.

“If you don’t want to, Alec, I want you to say a word,” Rick purred to him, closing the distance between their bodies so that Alec was toe to toe with him. Rick’s fine-fingered, strong hand reached out and brushed down his cheek, tugging at a lock of his hair in a way that Alec knew was a prelude to more intimate touches.

In a breathless whisper, he asked, “What word?”

B’alum,” Rick said, his full mouth curving up into a wry smile. “I want you to say B’alum, and I will stop. I promise you, I will stop. When you say that word, it is your safety, and nothing more will happen.”

Alec licked his lips, which were suddenly too dry. He could hardly breathe, and his heart was thundering in his chest. A fine tremble coursed through his slender body and Rick’s smile softened as his hand moved once more to cup his cheek.

“You have to trust me,” Rick murmured.

Alec blinked. He didn’t answer it, didn’t have a way to. He could no more admit trust than he could fly to the moon on his own power; he just wasn’t wired that way.

Rick’s hands fell to his waist, tugging him forward with the soft, relentless power of the tide. Alec resisted out of habit, but then let himself be pulled into the warm, rigid muscle of Rick’s belly.

Rick slipped his hands up beneath the tail of Alec’s shirt, tracing the line of his bare back, his fingertips skimming up the bumps of his spine, startling a wake of sensation to the surface. He stood there in the man’s arms with his own hanging awkwardly at his sides. He never knew what to do, how to respond, where to put his fingers, how to touch in return. Rick was a mystery of unknowns, a limitless vista of sensitive places yet to be found, of favorite touches to be discovered, and Alec was vastly dismayed by his own hunger to find them all out, each and every one. He wanted it so badly that he refused to want it at all, and stood still in Rick’s embrace in an agony of thwarted need.

Rick tipped his head down and whispered his soft lips over Alec’s temple, the brush of his stubble rough and rasping. Alec closed his eyes, releasing his pent-up breath in a series of trembles. Rick dropped one hand and found Alec’s own lax one, which clenched frantically when he felt the man’s touch. He didn’t like the tenderness implied by such a soft gesture, didn’t like to be loved because he didn’t deserve it. Rough stuff, disregard, sex without meaning – that was what he deserved, what he’d earned with the life he’d led and the choices he’d made.

But Rick wasn’t trying to hold his hand; he simply lifted Alec’s fingers to his warm side and pressed them into the bunched cloth of his shirt.

“You will touch me,” he said, the words murmured against Alec’s cheek as his mouth trailed a path downwards. “You will.”

“Maybe I don’t wanna,” Alec told him, lies, lies, lies; but he couldn’t bend, couldn’t let go of himself.

“Then you say the word,” Rick reminded, and urged Alec’s fingers against him.

He was trembling, he was so scared. He kept his eyes closed as Rick kissed him all over his face, on his chin, on his eyelids, on the arches of his brows, on his temples, on his forehead, on the tip of his pert nose. He kept his eyes closed and tried not to think of what it might mean, of what he might be agreeing to if he let Rick call the shots. But that was what he’d wanted, right? His out, and Rick was giving it to him.

His devious fingers had a mind of their own and skimmed down to the untucked tail of Rick’s shirt. He felt the warm, slightly rough weave of his jeans hanging low on his hips, and then the smooth heat of his dark skin. The contrast in texture made his breath catch, and the way Rick’s skin tightened beneath his soft touch made his heart thunder. He felt the ripple of muscle, solid and heavy, dipping and rising beneath his fingertips as he slid his way upwards. He hit the swell of Rick’s chest and flattened his palm, the shirt bunching over his elbow, restraining his movement. Rick made a low, deep noise of satisfaction against his ear and stroked Alec’s sensitive back with both rough hands, causing a shiver to slide down his spine.

He felt himself responding despite all of his own reservations, felt his skin tighten, felt the familiar and delicious ache in his groin as his hardening body tried to find room to swell. Rick’s large hands swept down and cupped his backside, squeezing just tight enough to make him groan, his own hips pulsing forward in a brief shock of friction. The scent of Rick’s skin was heady and warm – spice and vanilla and desire, so thick he wanted to lap it up and roll in it, drown in it, let it mark him. His palm found the silky-hard flesh of Rick’s nipple and rubbed over it, memorizing the contours of his body, carefully examining the texture of his skin. He was starving for knowledge, but his restraint made him cautious, a slow explorer on a trail fraught with hidden traps that might leave him broken and bereft once more.

Rick’s breath spilled over his skin in a tumble of soft murmurs, the words foreign and unintelligible but decadent all the same. Alec didn’t need to understand them to know that he was being praised, that Rick was delighting in the feel of him, in even his hesitance. Rick always accepted him just as he was, in halves and fourths, in fits and starts. He didn’t care how he had Alec so long as he had him, and that was a kind of love Alec just could not conceive of.

Rick’s grip tightened and he lifted Alec up, hefting him into his arms so that the full bulge of his groin pressed to Rick’s warm, hard belly. Alec slid his hand out of Rick’s shirt and gripped his shoulders, hiding his face against the man’s throat, feeling apprehension and embarrassment rise once more. There had to be an end to this, he knew. There had to be a point beyond which Rick would not be pushed, and then he’d realize that Alec wasn’t worth the effort, wasn’t worth everything he’d invested in him so far. He was a pitiful recipient for such boundless affection and he knew it. He was just waiting for Rick to realize it, too.

“Ah, corazón,” Rick breathed, pressing soft kisses to Alec’s jaw as he backed to his favorite chair – the scene of that first, disastrous time they’d had together, a place that Alec still shied from out of shame at his own actions. “Everything about you is so precious to me, my Alec…”

Rick slid down into the seat with Alec astride him, his slim legs spread wide over Rick’s hips, his fingers digging into the man’s shoulders. He made a soft noise that was half a complaint whenever Rick reached between them and began to unbutton his shirt. He could help, he knew. He could push backwards and do it himself, but he didn’t want to meet Rick’s eyes. He felt exposed without the blindfold that had been his safety for so long, and he was scared by what all this might possibly mean. So he kept his face hidden against Rick’s throat and let the man’s nimble, strong fingers search out the fastenings on his shirt one by one until it hung open over his strong chest.

Rick’s fingers slid against his skin, the tips rough but so delicate. He shivered hard as they mapped the contours of his body, finding the ripple of his lean muscles, tracing the wrinkle where his belly creased with his position. It tickled and he squirmed, suddenly aware of Rick’s heavy sex between his legs, of the fullness he was perched upon. He thought of it inside of him that time and twitched, recalling the amazing pleasure of it and wondering how much of that recollection was due to the drugs.

“Softly, softly,” Rick breathed, and slid his shirt off of his shoulders like he was unwrapping a priceless piece of art. “I wish you could see what I see, Alec.”

He pressed his face closer to Rick’s throat and the man chuckled, knowing his silences and taking them for what they were – uncertainty. He felt Rick shift, felt the man’s sharp teeth graze his shoulder, and bit his lip against a moan when Rick bit him, a riot of pain and sharp pleasure.

I hope you liked it! If so, let me know!
All my love,
Momma Jade

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  1. May 8, 2011 11:36 am

    Ah, you’re writing is simply astounding! I can’t wait to read more and I sincerely hope you get lots of books published. I might have to get Kindle just to read your already published work.

    Always a pleasure, keep it up! Hah!


    • May 8, 2011 7:15 pm

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it! I’ve been working on this in between grad classes, so the going is slow but it’s coming along 😀

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