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January 7, 2012

I just added a new novel to Kindle for $1.99. It is called Strain, and it is a bit different from my usual work *this one has a plot!* It’s a sci-fi story of a girl raised for a specific purpose, and totally in love with a man who has the power to destroy her utterly. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know if he actually will do just that.



Blair drew her knees up, ignoring the laughter, the harsh breathing of her fellow cadets in what sounded like a long, narrow room. She scooted on her butt, trying to find a defensible area, moving over  a drainage grate and hitting a cement wall. Wriggled sideways into more cement and stayed crammed in the corner, panting.

“When dogs are built for battle they are delicately poised between obedience and violence. Without proper training they spoil, they grow feral, they end up hurting someone and getting sent to the pound,” Cain said, after the last fenced door had slammed closed. “Which is where you are, my little pups. You’re smart, you’re dangerous, and no one else is willing to deal with you.”

Cold air wafted from above and Blair started to shudder, tucking in to conserve what little heat her thin body produced.

“I will train you to control yourselves. It won’t be easy, believe me. There will be times when you’ll  wish you were dead and, no doubt, times when I wish you were dead,” Cain said, sounding amused. “You’ll fight, you’ll resist, it’s to be expected. But never forget that I’m stronger, I’m meaner, and I’m a helluva lot more stubborn that any of you could ever dream of being.”

Blair’s fingers tingled and she squeezed them, trying to get blood flowing, trying to control the spasms in her jaw.

“I absolutely detest seeing a smart human being act as if they haven’t a brain in their head,” Cain continued, stalking back and forth down the row of cages. “I’ll make you functioning humans if it kills you. Disobedience isn’t tolerated and the punishment is severe. Obedience, however, is rewarded, as you will soon find out. In fact, if you obey me every step of the way I might allow you to stay in your current dorm rooms instead of moving you into my Kennel…I hear my Dogs don’t quite like having pups in among them.”

Silence then, Blair strained to listen over the clicking of her teeth.

“My rules are simple: obey me, or I’ll beat you. Bear in mind that you’ll have to earn your food, that’s rule two: finish your instructions or don’t eat,” Cain explained, the room dead quiet except for his voice. “Rule three: absolutely no fighting without supervision or you’ll end up back here in the runs. You’re dangerous animals whom I will be making killers, and killers don’t get to play rough without permission. Rule four: you will always address me as ‘sir’, anything you say to me, even if it’s ‘fuck you’ it had better come out ‘fuck you, sir!’ I outrank you, I outmatch you, and any disrespect to me on a personal level will earn you a beating. Rule five – and I will constantly remind you of this rule: the word ‘red-light.’ Know it, all of my Dogs know it. ‘Red-light’ is your safety word, meaning that it’s your protection. The training is rough, broken bones are routine and sometimes things can get out of hand. If you are in significant pain or in a situation which makes you feel as if you’re in danger of being killed, the mere whisper of the safe-word will protect you at any time you train. The only time it will not help you is if I get hold of you. If you merit a beating from me you forfeit your safety and have to rely on my mercy.

“Not that begging isn’t effective,” he added, a strange humor in his voice. “So bear that in mind.”

Blair swallowed hard, repeating the word to herself.

“Welcome to my Pound,” Cain said, and the faintest lilt of an accent crept into his deep voice. “Things will be getting very uncomfortable for you all. I suggest you work hard at staying on my good side.”

The thunderous tromp of boots as the Dogs cleared out, the noise fading into the distance until all Blair could hear was the faint drip of water falling from her body into the drainage grate.


I hope it is enjoyable! Please let me know what you think, even if you hated it!

Love always,

Momma Jade

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  1. rebeka permalink
    July 13, 2012 11:24 am

    I loved this book. It was very well written and the plot was deep and thought out. I really got into the main character. I felt for her and hurt for her. This book left me crying. When does the next book come out. I can hardly wait.

    • July 15, 2012 2:16 pm

      Thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think, feedback helps me improve! I’m currently working on the next book, in between graduate classes and work, but it is in progress so it will be finished. Thank you so much again, it really means a lot to me to know that the characters touched you!

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