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Working On A Sci-Fi Male/Male Romance

October 11, 2010

It’s called “A Place to Call Home,” and it is the story of a youth named Alec, a Sami-Lao cataloger, who becomes friends with a Kich’e Mayan called Rick. It’s set in a fictional future and I think it has the potential to be really fun for those interested. Here’s a teaser for those who are curious! And please, if you like it or have any thoughts about it, let me know! Concrit is always welcome!

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Starting an author’s blog!

October 6, 2010

So I just published my first e-book on Kindle and I need to do some serious promoting, lol! I wanted to go ahead and start up a blog so that I could meet some other authors, meet readers, and just meet people! My book is called “Violet” and it is $1.99, but future books will only be about $0.99 so I can actually get them out there. Violet is a bondage, light D/s book set in fictional history. It is the story of an orphan named Violet who goes to live with her “Uncle”, who is a very strict and very interesting man. There is spanking, bondage, a golden shower, denial, training – pretty much anything you can think of. It is a story about Violet coming of age under the hand of a man who rules her utterly, but make no mistake, it is still a love story! Anyway, I hope whoever gets part one enjoys it! I’m going to be posting excerpts as soon as I can figure out how.

Free Content

October 6, 2010

WARNING – FOR ADULTS ONLY! This story involves a man’s curiosity regarding his own gender, so if that sort of thing offends or upsets you, then please read no further!


Van was curious.

That was why he’d come to the House of M, because it was a place where curiosity was welcomed, embraced, and satisfied.

Van was not a person to be curious about many things—he lived in a physical world where things obeyed the rules and outlandish things were demolished by either himself or his demonic red-head of a partner. Things were normal, things were dealt with, paychecks were delivered and life was lived.

Unfortunately, he was curious.

He gazed at the structure from behind the shield of his sunglasses, frowning thoughtfully. Was he ready for this? The place had been built in Meridian with the first wash of restructuring, and the owners had lovingly modeled it in an old-fashioned motif. There were pillars, filched scroll-worked relief, wooden shutters—it looked extremely out of place amongst the shabby and dilapidated buildings surrounding it. No one hung about outside of it, the porch was empty and deep in shadow, only faint gas-light lamps on either side of the enormous double doors managed to give any life to the place. The shutters were fastened tight, the gates barred. Only this narrow entrance remained open, the cracked sidewalk and the pathetic remains of twisted, drought-starved weeds.

He pushed his way through the narrow, hip-high gate and closed it behind him. They were expecting him, the House of M worked on appointment only and took great pains to see that their patrons did not run across one another. It was Meridian’s best-kept secret, passed by word of mouth in whispers because if anyone disreputable got hold of it the entire House would disband and vanish, leaving their patrons sorely at a loss. It wasn’t something any of them were willing to risk, and so the secrecy prevailed.

The door swung open before he reached it, a young woman beckoning from behind. She matched the House in an odd sort of way—corseted and powdered, her eyes limpid, her bust mounded up in a rather formidable shelf that might, on another day, have tempted Van to stop for a better look. But his curiosity today was not of that sort, and she knew it.

“Welcome,” she murmured, and closed the door tightly behind him. She was alone, and that was risky considering his size, but the House didn’t take anyone without extensive interviews and they knew he was safe. Van had spent hours that added up into days speaking in low tones on the phone with the Mistress, answering her questions, supplying her with what documents she required to approve him. He’d been examined less to purchase his condo, and that amused him. “Please, Sir, come this way. Everything is ready…”

He followed her through a richly appointed but somehow abandoned foyer and down a hallway, having to peer over the top of his sunglasses in the gas-lit gloom. She opened a door for him and gestured him inside.

“This is Jean, she will be your Intermediary tonight,” the girl quietly told him, and quit the room with a small bow. Tipping wasn’t necessary, Van had been told that it was all taken care of out of his rather sizable fee.

Jean was masked, it was the way of things from this point on. Her hair was pulled back beneath a red hood, and all that Van could see of her face beneath the demi-mask was a small white chin and a full, incredibly red mouth. Her body was curvy but completely encased in a high-necked dress—she was not present to offer distraction, merely to be the link between Van and the person he was going to…satisfy his curiosity with.

Communication between patrons of the House was strictly forbidden—privacy was of the utmost importance and violators of their strict policy were banished from certain circles, which could be devastating. People came to the House to satisfy needs that they could not satisfy in other places, to do things their own lovers were too afraid to do or else to do things they were ashamed to ask their lovers to do. Van had come because of the nature of his curiosity. He had his lovers, and there was nothing he wished to do with them that he was too shy to ask since they tended to be adventuresome women who wouldn’t mind trying…But his curiosity had gotten the better of him, and they simply couldn’t satisfy it. He would try this evening, and discover whether he would add another dimension to his life.

“Please, remove your clothing and I will help you prepare yourself,” Jean softly intoned. She had a low, soothing voice. It was perfectly suited to her role.

Van removed his sunglasses, folded them carefully closed, and placed them on the low dressing table before he undressed. Nudity did not bother him under any circumstances and he was pleased with his own body, though not overly proud of it. That he was muscled and trim but still had that whipcord bulk of a pitbull was enough for him. He knew he was handsome, knew that his shaven head, dark eyes, and dark skin made a combination that was fairly pleasing to most, so he had no reason to be shy.

Jean’s eyes were hidden behind her mask, but she evinced no reaction—her place was to be removed, to be without judgment. She helped him put on the blindfold and secure it in place. Her touch was impersonal but expert, her fingers light against him.

“You may speak,” she told him, cinching the blindfold tight and tucking the loose end of the strap in. “Your partner this evening is completely deprived of hearing, so there is no danger there.”

“What else?” Van asked. He wasn’t really sure of what to expect. It was why he had come to such a place, to be guided.

“Gagged,” she murmured, and took him by the hand to lead him. “Be careful of the doorway. Gagged and blindfolded with earplugs and a hood, waiting in the sling as the Mistress deemed fit.”

Van said nothing for a moment, adjusting to feeling things instead of seeing them. He reached out with his free hand and brushed the rough wood of the doorway as they passed through. Their footsteps echoed slightly as they moved into a larger space.

“I don’t…” he started, and trailed off, not sure of how to approach the question.

“Please continue,” Jean whispered, and paused, stopping him.
“This isn’t their first time?” he asked.

There was a long silence from Jean as she considered what he asked and whether it was a violation of the other’s privacy to answer it. Finally, she decided and murmured to him, “This isn’t the first time they’ve been in the sling, no. You’ll do no harm.”

Van was relieved. The last thing he wanted to do was make someone else’s experiment into a nightmare and put them off of something they might otherwise enjoy, simply because he had no experience in it.

“You were worried?” Jean asked. It was her place to soothe fears, to instruct, to assist.

“I didn’t want to upset anyone,” Van answered, and heard his own low voice echo around the place, bouncing off of the walls.

There was a soft rustle before him and he turned his blind face towards it, a startled reaction to the sudden sound.

“Hush,” Jean told him. “It’s your partner this evening, just. The Mistress explained that you’ve expressed a curiosity regarding your own gender. I want to be sure that this is so before we proceed.”

Van swallowed once, audibly. Was he ready for this? The curiosity had been eating at him and eating at him for some time, and he might never work up the nerve to do this again. Here in this House, amongst strangers, blindfolded and anonymous, he could work through it and discover for himself if it was merely a fleeting thing or something to be dealt with. After all, Van lived in a physical world where uncertainty was absolutely unwelcome…

“Yes,” he said, and the word rumbled through his tight chest.

“Then please step forward,” Jean said, and guided him by the hand.

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